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1 SQL Case Expression: An Alternative to DATA Step IF/THEN Statements John Q. Zhang LCS Industries, Inc. Clifton NJ ABSTRACT This paper will show that case-expression utilized in PROC SQL can be as efficient and flexible. PAPER 61-25 INTRODUCTION TO PROC SQL® Rosalind Gusinow, Systems Seminar Consultants, Inc., Madison, WI ABASTRACT PROC SQL is a powerful Base SAS PROC which combines the functionality of the DATA and. コメント以外のテキストは、ACTIONの終了を示すセミコロンと%ELSEステートメントの間で使用することはできません。次の例を実行した場合、余分なセミコロンがテキストとして処理されます。したがって、エラーメッセージがSASログに. SAS: IF-THEN-ELSEによる条件分岐の方法を解説 SAS忘備録 ・本人の備忘録として。 ・日本でもSASを活発化させたい。.

I have a SAS code which I want to convert into SQL code. I am stuck at one of the function in SAS which is IF THEN DO. The code looks like this: IF FLAG = 'Y' AND ACCT = ' ' THEN DO; ORIG_AMT =. SQLにIF文はないのかは、よく尋ねられる話です。MySQLなど特定の製品の独自関数として定義されている場合を除いて、基本的にSQLにIFはありません。 SQLでの条件分岐はCASE式を使うのですが、普段書いているSASのIFステートメントと.

If exists I need to run one program and if not then other program. This new feature will simplify my code and also what I noticed in SAS EG is the color for the syntax will be maintained in open code, where as in between proc sql. The IF-THEN-ELSE Statement in SAS The IF-THEN-ELSE statement is used to conditionally process statements when certain conditions are met. Let's look at some examples. The data set above contains 10 students and. 1 Conditional Processing Using the Case Expression in PROC SQL® Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation, Spring Valley, California Abstract The SQL® procedure supports conditionally selecting result values from rows. 2018/01/11 · When programming a stored procedure it is important to understand control of flow. Learn how to use the IF statement to run code blocks. Use IF.ELSE logic in a stored procedure to selectively execute a code block.

This article explains practical application of SQL queries with examples. Example 1: Count Cases Where Condition is TRUE The input data is shown below. Suppose you are asked to calculate the number of Ys and Ns of column Z.

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